St. Louis, Missouri

cover page from St Louis Hearing

cover page from St Louis Hearing

Fri Nov 8 2013, 9:45 am–10:55 am — Reparations & Chemical Poisoning

  • “What are reparations?” Zaki Baruti, Universal African Peoples Organization
  • “Agent Orange victims” Tom Abeln, Veterans for Peace
  • “Incineration of Toxic Waste” TBD
  • “Poisoning of Anniston AL” Reynaldo Anderson, Harris Stowe State University

Reparations & Chemical Poisoning

  • “Destruction of E. St. Louis IL” Zaki Baruti, Universal African People’s Organization
  • “Carter Carburetor” Ramona Taylor Williams, Metro St. Louis Coalition for Inclusion and Equity, M-Slice
  • “Destruction of soil” James Meinert, New Roots Urban Farm, World Community Center
  • “Dispossession of farmers in Africa” Reynaldo Anderson, Harris-Stowe State University

Attacks on nature and Health

  • “Contamination of the world’s food” Eleeahsah Ben Israel, Hebrew Israelites
  • “Contamination of non-GMO farms” Mark Brown, Gateway Garlic Urban Farms
  • “Poisoning of water” Barb Chicherio, Gateway Green Alliance
  • “Destruction of soil” Kat Logan-Smith Missouri Coalition for the Environment
  • “Trans Pacific Partnership” Shona Clarkson, Interfaith Committee on Latin America

Monopolization of Agriculture

  • “Hugh Bowman Case” Maurice E. (Moe) Parr, Custom Seed Cleaning
  • “Monsanto in St. Louis” Mark Bohnert, GMO Free Midwest Coalition
  • “Dispossession of farmers in L. America” Shona Clarkson, Interfaith Committee on Latin America
  • “Corn in Mexico” Miguel Robles, Biosafety Alliance
  • “Dispossession of farmers in Asia” Mark Strothmann, Joining Hands Network

Sat Nov 9 2013 —Control Over Life

  • “Patents on Life” digger, GMO Free Midwest
  • “Pesticide damage to wildlife” Suzanne Renard
  • “Roundup Toxicity” Jennifer Agles, Save Our Seeds
  • “Animal protection laws” Bonnie Boime, St. Louis Animal Rights Team

Sat Nov 9 2013, 11:05 am–12:15 pm — Social, Legal & Political Control (Part 1)

  • “Trans Pacific Partnership” Ginger Harris, Sierra Club, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  • “Animals in the food industry” Bonnie Boime, St. Louis Animal Rights Team
  • “Lies about feeding the world” William Smith, Community Arts and Movement Project
  • “Monopolization of seeds” Suzanne Renard

Sat Nov 9 2013, 1:30 pm –2:50 pm — Continue Social, Legal & Political Control (Part 2)

  • “Legal attacks on seed cleaners” Maurice E. (Moe) Parr, Custom Seed Cleaning
  • “Attacks on civil rights & liberties” Maggie Ellinger, National Lawyers Guild
  • “A Farmer’s Perspective” Wendel Lutz, Illinois Farmers Union
  • “Manipulation & suppression of science” Pat McHugh, Gateway Green Alliance
  • “Commercialization and promotion of GMOs” Sarah Lewison

Sat Nov 9 2013, 3:05 pm–4:30 pm — Wrap up & discussion

  • “Corn in California” Miguel Robles, Biosafety Alliance; Adelita San Vincente, Semillas de Vida; Rene Sanchez, attorney
  • “Future Generations” Sarah Smith, Member of Class of 2020
  • “Reparations from Monsanto” Susie Parker

“What’s next?” Group DiscussionNovember 8 and 9, 2013

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